Estes Park Area Repeaters

LocationReceive MHzTransmit MHzOffsetToneComments
Estes Park146.685146.085– 600 kHz123.0 HzPole Hill – linked with repeater below *
Estes Park449.800444.800-5.00 MHz123.0 HzPole Hill – linked with repeater above *
Glen Haven449.800444.800-5.00 MHz110.9 HzSame freq. as above, different tone
Glen Haven147.585147.585Simplex123.0 HzCrossband to 444.800 EP UHF repeater
Allenspark147.030147.630+600 kHz100.0 Hz
Pinewood Springs443.325443.325Simplex123.0 HzCrossband to 444.800 EP UHF repeater

* May be unlinked in an emergency.


Node: 625757
Call Sign: NØFH-R

Since our VHF and UHF repeaters are normally linked, the EchoLink node connects to both machines. The node is open. No passwords, only the ‘ * ‘ character followed by a four, five, or six-digit number of the node where you wish to connect. The disconnect is ‘ # ‘.